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Utility Distribution & Network Experience

Aggreko provides rental power services to support the distribution requirements of the utility industry. For over 40 years we have worked closely with utility companies worldwide, providing temporary power solutions during periods of either planned or unplanned outages.

Aggreko services to support utilities distribution:

  • Installation of synchronised generators during overhead line replacement or maintenance
  • Provision of temporary transformers during upgrades or replacement of existing equipment
  • Supply of back up power during the overhaul or repair of permanent plant generators
  • Rapid response to network emergencies, such as storm or flood damage, to provide temporary power during unplanned outages
  • Provision of stand-by power during periods of exceptional demand
  • ‘No break’s equipment design allows us to connect, synchronise and disconnect from the grid without interrupting supply
  • Development of contingency plans for your network to understand potential emergency requirements
  • Modular equipment designed to operate at all common utility voltages, from 11kV for 50 Hz or 60Hz duty

At Aggreko, we understand the needs of the utility and network operating sector. Our specialist equipment and highly skilled team ensure that we always deliver the best solution for your distribution requirements, whenever and wherever they may occur.

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