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WASHINGTON (January 14, 2009) – On January 20th, America will welcome a new President, and once again Aggreko is chosen to help bring this historic moment to millions of people around the world. Aggreko, the leader in rental power, temperature control and oil-free compressed air solutions, was selected to provide the temporary power and heating systems for nearly all of the Inauguration events and related security needs from January 17th through 20th. Aggreko has provided power and temperature control for the last three Presidential Inaugurations.

“It is a great honor to play such an integral role in this important moment in our nation’s history,” said Gary Meador, Aggreko’s National Event Services Director. “The inaugural committee is working hard to make all events accessible to record-breaking numbers of people, requiring flawless performance and a high degree of trust in Aggreko.”

Aggreko has a hand in virtually every element of the inauguration. The company is providing power and heat for the Opening Ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial; the press tents, audio delays and security at the National Mall; and the VIP area at Lafayette Park. In addition, Aggreko is powering the press areas, video and audio along the parade route, the Armed Forces Security screening area at the Pentagon, the ABC and CNN telecasts, and several inaugural balls.

Literally tons of equipment is necessary for a series of events of this magnitude. In all, Aggreko is providing:

  • Enough electricity to power 350,000 medium-sized homes
  • Enough heat for 250,000 medium-sized homes
  • 35 miles of cable, or nearly enough to stretch from Washington, DC to Baltimore
  • More than 30 experienced Aggreko technicians from across North America

The company sourced equipment from their nationwide network of service centers, and began installation on Wednesday, January 7th. Aggreko’s crew plans to have all equipment removed within five days following the inauguration.

Powering the 2008 Presidential Inauguration is not without challenges, but Aggreko’s team of experienced professionals is up to the task. “The security and logistics associated with managing this event are awesome,” said George Long, Aggreko Event Services Senior Project Manager.  “Each event and venue, from the Lincoln Memorial to the parade route, requires coordination with different committees, governmental agencies and vendors.  Aggreko provides on-site consultants to work hand-in-hand with the organizers to design an integrated solution and provide seamless coordination between all facets.”

Aggreko was responsible for providing rental power and temperature control for several key events during the 2008 Presidential campaign, including election night festivities in Chicago’s Grant Park, all three presidential debates and the national conventions. In addition, Aggreko was chosen by the Obama campaign for several rallies, including three that featured singer Bruce Springsteen.

Aggreko has a long history of powering the most high-profile events in the world, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2005 Presidential Inauguration, the 2008 Democratic National Convention and National Football League’s Championship games. Aggreko has been chosen to be the exclusive rental power supplier to the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

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