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Temporary Power & Temperature Control

Aggreko provides temporary power and temperature control solutions to customers who need power or temperature control either very quickly, or for a short period of time.

We do this on a global basis, 24x7, with over 160 service centres and offices in over 30 countries; in the last year we served customers in more than 100 countries.

Temporary Power Solutions

We rent power generation equipment to all industries, ranging from:

Temperature Control

We have the world’s largest fleet of rental chillers, cooling towers, heaters, dehumidifiers and air handlers. Our temperature control equipment ranges from small portable units for internal use, up to large cooling towers capable of delivering tens of thousands of tons of cooling capacity.

Aggreko is the largest specialist temporary power and temperature control company in the world, and we are totally focussed on one thing: serving our customers by providing exceptional levels of service and reliability.

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