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Power for Operating New Iron Ore Mine, Australia

The challenge to the customer

The BHP Billiton (BHPB) Mining Area C Development is located in Western Australia and contains one of the largest undeveloped Marra Mamba (iron formation) resource in the region.  Until a new transmission line from the BHPB owned 105MW gas turbine power station could be connected to the remote area, an alternative power source was required to start operations.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko installed an 11MW/33kV temporary power station with underground cabling connected to the clients high voltage overhead lines to operate the mining equipment and commence production as soon as possible.

The benefits to the customer

Since mine sites experience frequent load demand changes resulting in unwanted and expensive electrical loss and excess fuel consumed, Aggreko supplied a control system connected to specialised software known as SCADA which allows the client to monitor the power supply via telemetry (radio control). The SCADA system is programmed to adjust power supplied from the generator package according to demand from mining equipment so all available electricity is utilised and fuel cost is significantly reduced.


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